Welcome, you are now on ‘CGNS How to?’, the Onera CGNS users web site. If you don’t kown about CGNS or if you want an exhaustive information about it, you should see first the official CGNS web site (we refer to it as cgns.org in these pages).

CGNS How to?

The CGNS standard has been specified to cover a large part of the CFD data usage, a newcomer can be lost with all the possibilities CGNS offers. We have gathered here some practices of the Onera users of CGNS. Like a programming language, it is often useful to start by cloning existing simple examples, or finding out a pattern and copy it into another piece of code. The purpose of this site is to provide CGNS users with materials taken from our CGNS experience. You obviously have to change the examples to fit with your own applications parameters and requirements.

Of course, all code examples are in CGNS/Python…